Skate the future! That's the motto of Ralf Güntert (45) . The  skater-freak, who live in the Black Forest near Freiburg, Germany, make his dream come true – he created a completely new skate rail.

The idea was to build a rail that would be easy to handle and to replace and exchange without affecting the setting. The rail should also be fast and light.

After one year of developing the monoframe was born!
The rail is fastened to the skate on one side. That means you can replace the rail easily without affecting the setting.
The one-sided fastening also makes it possible to replace the wheels in just a few seconds. Besides that the rail is the eye catcher of the year – all of the wheels are fully visible!

The monoframe target audience includes all types of skaters. The Top-speed skater with the monoframe 84, the fitness skater and inline alpine slalom skater with the monoframe 80 and last but not least there is the monoframe 100 for the  trendiest professional speed-skaters.

No one who is used to having  brakes has to do without them. Mononframe has also developed  a special brake which can be used with almost every kind of rubber pad.

Because of the way we produce and the fact that our place of production is near Freiburg, it is possible for us to react much faster to trends than the competition can and to guarantee  top service for the customers” says Ralf Güntert.
Our first goal was achieved when we were one of the finalists for the brand new award.

Details: Aluminium 7075

Mononframe 84 for wheel up to size 84mm, ca. 205g
Mononframe 80 for wheel up to size 80mm, ca. 189g
Mononframe 100 (world premiere at the  ISPO!!!)
Best quality Aluminium CNC mill cut
„made in Germany“
protected utility model patent pending

„Monoframe“ is protected as a brand name
protected Ornamental Design patent pending

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